TEDxKyoto 2013 – JO HA KYU –

TEDxKyoto 2013 – JO HA KYU -


Soichiro Hayashi
– Noh Performer
Daniel Epstein
Daniel Epstein
– Unreasonable Entrepreneur
Aileen Mioko Smith
Aileen Mioko Smith
– Citizen Activist
Jun Hori
– Journalist
Patrick Linehan
– Diplomat
Yumi Kato
– Art Educator
Seiichi Kondo
– Cultural Ambassador
speaker_ Megumi
Megumi Nishikura
– Documentary Filmmaker
Akiko Naka
Akiko Naka
– Business Innovator
Brian Williams
– Parabolic Artist
Ji-Hae Park
– Violinist
– Techno-Storytellers
Alex Kerr
– Japanologist
Lin Kobayashi
Lin Kobayashi
– International Educator
Takahito Iguchi
– Mobile Device Developer
Tom Chi
– Rapid Prototyping Guru
Tomoko Kawao
– Calligrapher
Hirofumi Seo
– 3D Imager
John Gathright
John Gathright
– Tree Climbing Naturalist
Worry Kinoshita and the Original Tempo
– Multimedia Performers

Morita Memorial Hall on the campus of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
Date : Sunday, September 29th, 2013
Venue : Morita Memorial Hall on the campus of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
Participation fee:7,500 Yen (Include Lunch and Dinner)

Time Table
08:45 : Registration Beginning
09:30 : Doors Open
10:00 : Session 1
11:20 : Break
11:55 : Session 2
13:05 : Lunch
14:40 : Session 3
16:15 : Break
16:50 : Session 4
18:00 : Session End
18:30 : After Party
20:30 : Party End

“JO-HA-KYU” is a concept from the traditional Japanese arts of Noh theater and gagaku court music, also applied to syllogism. The whole image of the show will be explored by interpreting “JO-HA-KYU” as a cycle between our own development and the world’s innovative progress.

“JO” stands for exposition; or the beginning. It is the first step we take to change ourselves and the world through generating wonderful ideas at every opportunity.

“HA”, literally meaning “to break”, refers to a slower stage in development. New ideas sometimes face hurdles which we must take the time to overcome. “HA” is a time when progress seems to slow, providing the time needed to generate new ideas. Just like in the butterfly’s pupa, it’s a time of preparation for the next phase of changes.

Then moving rapidly, we come to the culmination of our efforts with “KYU”. “KYU” is both the successful completion of our growth, as well as a time when a new wave of changes is generated, leading into the next spiral of “JO”.

New ideas always inspire changes. We generate ideas through learning, and ideas bring about reformations, new ways of thinking and acting. Through these reformations, new ideas will be born and handed over to the next generation.

This continual spiral between people and the world’s innovative changes is the theme of TEDxKyoto 2013. We hope participants will share and enjoy the journey.

Venue : Morita Memorial Hall on the campus of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (LINK)