Announcement of TEDCircles

t’s been a while and the TEDxKyoto team hopes you are all well and staying safe.


We are pleased to announce that TEDxKyoto will be hosting TEDCircles, a series of discussion-based events with TED talks beginning this month.


The theme for October 2021 is “Optimism”.


Date / Time:

October 23, 2021 (Saturday), 17:30-19:30 (Registration starts at 17:15)



QUESTION (Kyoto Shinkin Bank) 4F, located on the Southeast corner of Kawaramachi-0ike.



Offline face-to-face participation only with About 10 participants.



With the theme of Optimism, we are planning an evening of bringing a small group of people together to view some selected TED talks and join in discussions related to the theme of optimism. TEDxKyoto organizers believe that optimism is an important perspective to develop as we move forward towards the future, especially during the current COVID 19 pandemic.



The venue is the Community Steps on the 4th floor of QUESTION (Kyoto Shinkin Bank), a TEDxKyoto partner. This is an offline, face-to-face event only and we will not be accepting online participation this time.


In accordance with maintaining social distance, we are planning to limit the number of participants to about 10 and registration will close once we reach 10 participants. Thank you for your understanding of this.  As it becomes safer to once again come together in larger groups, we will gradually increase the number of participants in our events.  We are looking forward to your participation.





What is TED Circles?

TED Circles is a platform for discussion of TED Talks selected by TED on a monthly theme.

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