Then and Now


Due to the ongoing situation with the Corona virus, TEDxKyoto has rescheduled for November 8th. During this time we will be posting some of our talks from previous TEDxKyoto events. Please stay tuned, aware and healthy.

Tohoku. Fukushima. Ishinomaki. On March 11th, 2011 these simple place names, along with so many more, became synonymous with terrifying natural disasters and unspeakable fear. But now, for the people of northern Japan, the time has come to reshape these place names into symbols of friendship, community and unstoppable hope. Ivan Kovak (a prolific Cameraman/DP with vast experience in film, television, commercial, music video and web media) and Jeffrey Jousan (a Chief Engineer and producer at a major Japanese studio as well as the Representative Director at a cross-cultural communication company) were brought together purely by chance to work with director Paul Johannessen on the “One Day on Earth” project. Together Ivan and Jeffrey interviewed a cross-section of brave March 11th survivors. Their resulting video, “Then and Now” alternates images of the grim aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters of March 11th with intimate stories of loss and hope told by each survivor. Ivan and Jeffrey’s work puts a very human face on the overwhelming loss so many people have suffered, yet at the same time shines with their determination to work together to rise above so many daily obstacles. “Then and Now” offers a mesmerizing glimpse into the strength of these brave people and the power of community to help hope and heal.

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