TEDxKyoto 2012 Power of Ideas

Power of Ideas

Event Details

Date : September 16, 2012 (SUN)

Venue : Kyoto University’s Kihada Hall (in Obaku Plaza on the Uji campus)


TEDxKyoto 2012 —“Power of Ideas”, held at Kyoto University, featured 22 incredible speakers who each embody the passion and inspiration behind TED (technology, entertainment and design). These speakers represent a wide variety of innovative ideas, from field such as robotics, mathematics, movies, games, e-books and social media.

To give you a taste of just a few of our speakers, our line-up includes:

-Hiroshi Matsumoto, President of Kyoto University and expert in the field of space plasma physics
-Kiichiro Hirano, Akutagawa literary award-winning author
-Garr Reynolds, world-famous best-selling author of “Presentation Zen”

These dynamic individuals are but three of 22 speakers who took the stage at TEDxKyoto on September 16th to share their inspiration, passion and drive with you, with Kyoto and with the world. We invite you to watch the videos of the event, as Kyoto stepped upon the TEDx stage for the first time. TEDxKyoto 2012 shows the intersection where tradition and innovation meet, producing ideas to inspire the world.

Session 1 : The Power of Kyoto

Session 2 : Ideas Worth Doing

Session 3 : Tech x Art x Design

Session 4 : Global Visions


Kyoto University’s Kihada Hall (in Obaku Plaza on the Uji campus) (Link)

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The participants were limited in size to about 275. It is invitation only. We aimed to create an environment where a diverse group of people can communicate and share ideas deeply during the break time or after the talks.

TEDxKyoto 2012 was just the first event in what we hope will grow into much more than just a series of events. Our goal is to make TEDxKyoto an ongoing local and global socio-cultural space centered on great ideas.