A birds-eye view of a breathtaking honeymoon | Kaz Yamaguchi | TEDxKyoto

Filmmaker Kaz Yamaguchi explains how he and his wife recorded their year-long honeymoon around the world, capturing their travels from different heights.

Kaz Yamaguchi, Filmmaker
Having been brought up in the United States and spending his school years as a returnee back in Japan, Kaz always felt something different from the people around him. After getting married in 2013, he and his wife Mariko set out on a different type of honeymoon, traveling through 48 countries for 400 days. Taking full advantage of technology to document their travels, Kaz took the typical ‘selfie’ to new heights, capturing their trip from a totally new perspective. Their honeymoon and ‘selfie’ project was covered by the BBC news with the story going viral. Soon, media outlets around the world were reporting on Kaz and Mariko’s adventure.