Everyone can be someone’s lifesaver | Kenichi Wada | TEDxKyoto

誰もが誰かのライフセーバーに Everyone can be someone’s lifesaver | Kenichi Wada | TEDxKyoto

After experiencing multiple setbacks, by chance, Kenichi Wada came across the world of “Lifesaving”. Through his experiences and meeting people, he is currently sharing with the next generation, “the importance of not only focusing on the results but also the process of helping each other and pursuing challenges.”


After failing at baseball because of his fear of making bad pitches, Kenichi Wada was in search of a new passion. It was one day after trying various sports and somewhat feeling disappointed in his ability that he came across the world of “Lifesaving” and the “Beach Flags” competition. He practiced the start phase of such races 100,000 times in park sandboxes. He went to Australia in order to challenge the world champion. His desire of improving his running performance and challenging Usain Bolt brought him to Jamaica to undergo training. As a result, he won the Beach Flags Japan National Title seven times and a silver medal at the Lifesaving World Championships Interclub. His experience has taught him to value more than the result, but to appreciate the importance of the journey. In today’s modern society where the suicide rate is high and children do not have dreams, he wants to share this message “Anyone can be a lifesaver for somebody.”