Beyond sushi | Shuichi Inoue

Beyond sushi | Shuichi Inoue | TEDxKyoto

Sushi Maestro
As living creatures, humans are not unlike most living organisms on Earth: we need air, water and food to survive. However it is this last item —food— where we have taken a basic necessity, and have raised it beyond mere nutrients and calories. Food binds us together culturally, bonds us together individually and, in the hands of the right person, becomes an art form. When it comes to sushi, Shuichi Inoue is the artist and the delicate combinations of rice, seaweed and fish are his works of art. Each piece of sushi, each arrangement, combines a multitude of aesthetics, from ikebana to bonsai to brush painting, resulting in edible art that feeds not only the body, but the soul as well.