Building towards the future | Takaharu Tezuka

Building towards the future | Takaharu Tezuka | TEDxKyoto

When are walls not walls? When are windows not windows? The answer to these questions is as elegant and complete as the soaring structures in which these walls and windows can be found.

Takaharu Tezuka is one half of Tezuka Architects. With his wife Yui Tezuka, Takaharu has envisioned and brought to life architectural creations that combine elements that are at once intensely personal and yet infinite.

Takaharu and his team have built schools centered on trees, play areas created from interwoven wooden beams and hospitals that offer patients the healing gifts of joyous light and space. It is this same breathtaking light and space, sketched out with clean lines of wood, metal and glass, that are the hallmarks of each of Tezuka Architect’s projects. Since establishing Tezuka Architects in 1994, Takaharu, Yui and their team have created buildings that transform mere walls and windows into living — and livable – art.