Love and dreams for every child | Sahel Rosa

Love and dreams for every child | Sahel Rosa | TEDxKyoto

What does it take to make a dream come true? For actress and radio and TV commentator Sahel Rosa, her professional achievements and dreams of becoming an award-winning actress rest solidly on the love and support of her adoptive mother. However Sahel has another dream that rests much closer to her heart. Reflecting on her own experiences of
a childhood spent in an orphanage in Iran, Sahel dreams of helping all children receive the love and care they need. As a Human Rights Watch goodwill ambassador, Sahel has worked to teach others the importance of providing a family for every child, with a special emphasis on encouraging people to consider adoption as a powerful way to provide love and care to Japan’s orphaned children. As a first step towards realizing her dream of a loving home for every child, Sahel hopes to build a children’s home —“Sahel’s Home”— where all children are nurtured and encouraged to dream and hope for the day when they too will have a home and a family of their own.