Open technology for the environment | Cesar Harada

Open technology for the environment | Cesar Harada | TEDxKyoto

Humans have made their mark on the Earth so broadly and completely that there are few places today that do not bear the mark of humanity. Nowhere is this human mark more pervasive than in the oceans. Into Earth’s largest and most diverse ecosystem humans have spilled oil, scattered plastic and other garbage, and leaked radiation, ceaselessly polluting the waters of this planet. It is easy to lose hope. Cesar Harada, however, chooses to look forward.

Pulling inspiration from his own incredible and eclectic life experiences as well as CEO of Protei, Unreasonable at Sea Fellow, TED Fellow and Project Leader at MIT, Cesar has invented Protei, a versatile, shape-shifting sailing robot designed to clean our oceans. Building on a professional life spent searching out ways heal an Earth teetering on the edge of survival, Cesar’s goals are clear: to bring people, technology and innovation together to work toward all of our tomorrows.