Strings of passion | Kumi Adachi

Strings of passion | Kumi Adachi | TEDxKyoto

When a person loves her art, it is immediately obvious. The love comes through in the intensity of her emotions, glowing on her face with each rise and fall of the music. The love is transmitted to her audience in the timeless way her tense fingers turn plucked electrified strings into wandering melodies. And when those fingers belong to renowned guitarist and composer Kumi Adachi, the audience has no choice but to share in her intensity and joy.

Among Kumi’s many performances she has given concerts throughout Japan and has given multiple concerts in Korea. She has played for the “Cairo Jazz Festival 2012” in Egypt and at “JAZZ IN JAPAN 2014” featuring a collaboration of Buddhist monks at the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris, France. Also in Paris, Kumi gave a charity concert for Tohoku at New Morning. Each time she has stepped on stage, Kumi has perfected her art, demonstrating her stunning guitar skills in performances and albums with bands such as “Kumi Adachi Club PANGAEA” and “J&K”― each a testament to her mesmerizing dedication and passion.