The art of symbolism in peace building | Kya Kim

The art of symbolism in peace building | Kya Kim | TEDxKyoto

Peace Activist/Artist
Human society is awash with symbols that often do more harm than good. More meaningful symbolism that embodies relationship, trust and peace requires sustained reflection and engagement. Kya Kim, journalist and activist, along with the Peace Mask Project, embody this deeper symbolism.
Using the meticulous art of hand-made paper impressions of individual faces, combined with intercultural dialogue, Kya and the Peace Mask Project team aim to wield deep symbolism as a transformative power. This community-led initiative aims to cross national boundaries to fuse human hearts and create greater understanding and harmony.

Now in its 12th year, the project has taken on the challenge of creating Peace Masks of 999 youth in Japan, China and Korea, symbolizing the deep roots and cultural commonalities of these three countries at a critical time. This year-long process includes efforts to empower exceptional youth from each country with the skills necessary to become effective future peacebuilders. Final exhibitions of Peace Mask East Asia are planned for the three capital cities of each country and will express each individual’s dignity and uniqueness, as well as highlight their shared humanity, building hopes for a more peaceful and healthy future, in the region and in the wider world.