The bike…and beyond | Youhei Uchino

The bike…and beyond | Youhei Uchino | TEDxKyoto

BMX World Champion
For most people, the motivations for putting feet to bike pedals are fairly basic: we ride for transportation or we ride for exercise. However for Yohei “Ucchie” Uchino, 2013 BMX FLATLAND WORLD CIRCUIT World Champion and organizer of BMX events, riding a bike goes far beyond these simple motivations.

As a survivor of the Great Hanshin Earthquake Yohei also focuses his talents and dedication towards supporting the children displaced after the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake.

Recognized as one of Japan’s best known BMX flatland riders, Yohei becomes one with his bike, navigating flips, acrobatic twists and jumps that transform bike riding into a breathtaking dance on two wheels.