Uncovering Japan’s new golden age | Jesper Koll

Uncovering Japan’s new golden age | Jesper Koll | TEDxKyoto

Economist/Japan Optimist
Economist Jesper Koll calls himself “the last Japan Optimist”, and perhaps not without reason. From newspaper and news website headlines and opinion pieces to coffeeshop
conversations, the popular opinion of Japan’s economic future often tilts towards skepticism and worry.

Jesper Koll, does not agree with these naysayers. Elegantly wielding a swirl of data and detail and infusing it with snappy good humor, Jesper argues that Japan’s future is bright and growing brighter.

A resident of Japan for the past 28 years, Jesper has turned his keen mind towards sleuthing out the hidden patterns and predictions found in the numbers that surround us here in Japan, and throughout the world. His insights and enthusiasm have enabled him to lend his skills and voice to a large number of world-class companies as well as to several Japanese government advisory committees.

Jesper Koll encourages us to look beyond popular interpretations of what our numbers mean, and find the deeper—and perhaps more hopeful—truths within.