Bringing a more human approach to community revitalization | Daisaku Kadokawa | TEDxKyoto

Daisaku Kadokawa, the Mayor of Kyoto looks towards a future for his city where Kyoto’s creativity, diversity, and unique and historic traditions serve to revitalize local communities and solve modern issues.

Kyoto is an iconic city that moves endlessly between its rich, ancient history and the light-speed pulse of modern life. Daisaku Kadokawa, Mayor of Kyoto, perfectly resembles the city he leads. Mayor Kadokawa’s smiling face and nearly ever-present kimono immediately bring to mind the time-honored traditions of Kyoto’s past. Grounded in this knowledge, he looks equally and firmly towards Kyoto’s future. Mayor Kadokawa strives to nurture Kyoto’s growth with its creativity and diversity, while at the same time maintaining it’s unique traditions, aesthetic sense and cultural value. He also endeavors to create a model city for other regions in Japan to follow as they work to deal with modern issues of depopulation and revitalization of their communities. It is with this goal in mind that he is working to bring the Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs to Kyoto, promoting his vision of solidifying Kyoto as the cultural capital of Japan, and supporting efforts in decentralizing government.