Fostering an environment where communities nurture children | Takuya Murai | TEDxKyoto

「地域で育む子どもが育つ環境づくり」/村井 琢哉

Having grown up going to the Yamashina Daigo Children’s Square, Takuya Murai would later serve as a member of its staff, director, and secretary-general. Now president, he has been involved in childcare activities in Yamashina, Kyoto for 36 years. Originally providing support in the day-to-day activities of children, the Children’s Square has grown to also provide activities to promote the improvement of self-affirmation and expressive power of children, develop initiatives to cultivate the ability to cooperate in a group, and offer enriching cultural experiences and outdoor activities to encourage children to interact with a variety of people. Through these endeavors both children and adults grow together. In addition, Murai has been working to quickly tackle potential poverty issues of children living in Japan, touring the country to share his insights about what kind of programs are needed in local communities.