Ikebana and music — journey through time and space | Reiko Takenaka | TEDxKyoto

竹中麗子/スペースクリエイター/『いけばなと音楽 ― 時空への旅』

Reiko Takenaka, an art space creator, captures the transitory moments of flowers, drawing out their brilliance to create a world of beauty. 
In pursuing the path of flower arrangement, she has continued to open up new worlds through her collaborations with artists in various fields.Having studied under Kasumi Teshigahara of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, she seeks to surpass the boundaries of Ikebana, freely expressing herself with plants while engaging in installations of flower arrangements for everyday life, for commercial facilities, for the Noh stage and for party venues. In her visits to various countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America she has held demonstrations using the plants of the country she is in, also contributing to cultural exchange through Ikebana. On this stage, the sounds of musician Taro Inoue and an Ikebana improvisation session by Takenaka will merge to create a rich space that goes beyond one time-space continuum.