Nippon-Ga, paintings that depict the multi-faceted Japanese culture | Taro Yamamoto | TEDxKyoto


Taro Yamamoto became inspired by the close proximity of Kyoto’s temples and shrines to fast food establishments while a student of classical Japanese painting at Kyoto University of Art and Design in 1999. He went on to develop his own style of painting, coined Nippon-Ga, in which the different cultures in Japan, both traditional and modern, coexist, creating works of art that fused together the customs of classical and modern painting. With works of art putting a modern spin on classical painting and his style described as contemporary Rimpa, he is an artist gaining much attention. In commemoration of the 400 th anniversary of the Rimpa School of Japanese Painting in 2015, he created a folding screen featuring Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers as a modern conceptualization of Fujin-Raijin, the Japanese gods of wind and thunder. He is currently an Associate Professor at Akita University of Art and has won numerous awards including the Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize Award.