The importance of cultivating a global mindset | Nia Lyte | TEDxKyoto


TV Host / Entrepreneur / Humanitarian
Carolina Manrique, known professionally as Nia Lyte, is a Colombian American entrepreneur, television host, producer, author and philanthropist. She talks about the importance of developing a global mindset, letting go of cultural stereotypes, in order to have a peaceful world by interacting with different cultures, accepting each other’s differences and developing compassion and passion for humanity. She asserts that the unbroken threads of the invisible souls are what bind us all together as one. Nia Lyte is best known as a TV host and as President of Shinca Entertainment, a company that develops comic books, animation, videogames, TV Shows & movies in Hollywood. She also co-founded, with her husband Shin Koyamada, the Koyamada International Foundation (KIF), a non-profit organization that empowers women and students in Japan, the United States and Colombia to achieve their dreams. She authored the book, “The Power of Your inner Beauty.”