How you bear is how you live – your choice | Kazuko Sako

How you bear is how you live – your choice | Kazuko Sako at TEDxKyotoChange

Kazuko Sako was born in Ujiwara-cho, Kyoto Prefecture. From 1974 she became a midwife and in 1989 started a maternity center in Fushimi, Kyoto in an effort to revive natural childbirth, sending shockwaves throughout the midwife community. From 1995, through a JICA international project, she became involved in reforming Brazil’s birth situation and has contributed to the decrease in Brazil’s once over 90% rate of C-section births to 25% and the improvement of its once 60% newborn mortality rate. She stands as a legendary midwife who has delivered 1852 children.

“How You Bear is How You Live; Your Choice”
A dedicated midwife for 25 years, Ms. Kazuko Sako has long been inspiring mothers with the power to give birth naturally and their babies with the power to be born so. Why did Ms. Sako leave a hospital and start a maternity center? How have her activities and ideas influenced women’s reproductive care in Brazil after being invited via JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)? Ms. Sako will deliver a heartfelt message to future mothers and their families around the world.